Green Custom Home Builder and Energy Efficient Construction

At Stajo, we are building custom green homes in Palm Coast, Hammock Beach and Flagler County. We keep the environment in mind while keeping our customer’s budget a priority. We incorporate "green" features into our homes that focus on healthier indoor air quality for our Hammock Beach homeowners, along with lower usages of energy and water, which ultimately results in a positive impact on the environment and the future. But we also want to keep our customer’s costs in mind. In essence, we do our best to emphasize the most affordable yet effective features in your home.

For instance, energy efficiency construction is our number one priority. Our experience has taught us that the central heat and air system in any home requires the most energy, followed by the electric hot water heater.

Stajo custom homes offers many energy-efficient features to help combat these high energy users.

Special Building Features:

  • Upgraded insulation like spray foam insulation or radiant barriers
  • Low E Windows
  • Tankless Gas Water Heaters
  • Solar Hot Water Heaters

Water Conservation:

Another important consideration to promote a green environment is water conservation. The irrigation systems in Florida homes require high water usage. Stajo homes offer several water conservation features such as:
  • Florida Friendly Yards- Use of native and naturalized exotics in the landscape, requiring less water to thrive, while beautifying your surroundings
  • Use of micro-irrigation systems in plant beds
  • High efficiency water sprinklers in the grassy areas
  • Use of hybrid grasses that require less water to thrive

Air Quality:

Indoor Air Quality is yet another important aspect of a “green-built” home. People spend most of their time in buildings. In a majority of buildings, air quality is much worse than outdoors. Stajo Homes address the issue of air quality in several ways such as:
  • Covering return air ducts with micro filters during construction to reduce the debris and dust that can accumulate in an A/C system.
  • Use of Low VOC interior paints to prevent harmful “off-gassing”
  • Inclusion of Smoke and CO detectors in all of our homes

Use of these green building features is just another way that Stajo Homes shows that they are “Dedicated to Building you the Best Home of Your Life.”

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